SaniDry Sedona Dehumidifier Carbon MERV 8 Filter - 24 Pack

Regular price $ 499.99

    • Replacement Filter Fits Sedona and Measures 13.125 X 15.25 X 1.75"
    • MERV 8 with Carbotron™ Pleat Performance*
    • Also Available in a 6-Pack or 12-Pack from IAQ Living
    • Custom Made to the Same Rating and Size as the Original Equipment Products.  PN07126

Filters ship approximately 1 week

 *Cigarette smoke, vehicle exhaust, and cooking odors, along with thousands of other activities generate unpleasant odors.  The solution to these problems and many offensive odors associated with Indoor Air Quality is the Carbotron Pleat.  The activated carbon used in the Carbotron Pleat has millions of tiny openings that absorb odorous gas molecules from the air, so clean fresh-smelling air remains.  

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